Nvidia is hiring for LLVM/MLIR compiler projects

Hi all,

Nvidia is hiring for various compiler-related positions across the stack, whether is it in Deep Learning specific frameworks or high-performance compute libraries (where we need code generation expertise that may involve AOT and/or JIT technology). We have many projects building on top of LLVM/MLIR!

We are present in Canada, China, Europe, India, the US and many of these positions can hire remote candidates (even when the job description is posted in the US).

Here are some openings:

JR1968681 CPU Compiler Engineer, Clang and LLVM

JR1953671 Senior Compiler Engineer - Parallel Programming

JR1964354 Software Engineering Manager, Deep Learning Compilers

JR1968000 Senior Compiler Engineer - Deep Learning

JR1967997 Compiler Engineer - Deep Learning

JR1967899 Senior Security Software Development Engineer - Compiler

More complete list of LLVM related postings: https://nvidia.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/NVIDIAExternalCareerSite/?q=llvm

Feel free to ping me privately if you want to chat about these opportunities, I can put you in touch with the relevant people as needed.