Anyone noticed latest lldb (I'm running a 2 week old version) giving occasional EXC_BREAKPOINT instead of an actual breakpoint? I'm on Windows remote debugging to OSX (x86_64)

If not, what code decides if EXC_BREAKPOINT is an exception or a breakpoint so I can debug this further?

We receive an EXC_BREAKPOINT and then we convert it to a breakpoint if we detect there is a breakpoint at that address. You should debug this function from StopInfoMachException.cpp:

    Thread &thread,
    uint32_t exc_type,
    uint32_t exc_data_count,
    uint64_t exc_code,
    uint64_t exc_sub_code,
    uint64_t exc_sub_sub_code,
    bool pc_already_adjusted,
    bool adjust_pc_if_needed