On Improving the Build System

People have been complaining about our build system, and we are about to invest some effort to improve things.

However, you have also been telling us that we should be using CMake, whereas the LLVM docs have extensive documentation for both gmake and CMake.

In fact, the Development Process Documentation (http://llvm.org/docs/) has a Makefile (gmake) guide for developers, but the User Guides has

tutorials for building by configure/gmake or CMake.

So what do you really want?

Cmake generating gmake makefiles?

Native gmake?

Cmake generating host native makefiles?

Cmake generating Microsoft Visual Studio projects?

Before we invest effort we want to be confident that what we’re doing aligns best with normal LLVM practice.



cmake please - it's portable and can generate gmake files on those platforms that support it. (It supports all targets that I'm aware of on all platforms (Solaris, Win (mingw/cyg/msvc/ninja), LNX, BSD, OSX etc)

Is there any particular CMake protocol/method peculiar to LLVM that should be followed?

Many of the pertinent LLVM-specific variables and configs are listed here:

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Seconded. In FreeBSD, we stick our own build system over LLVM (for the base system - for ports we use the upstream build system), but we use the CMake-generated Makefiles as a base.

Thank you for working on this, it will make our lives a lot easier!