OpenUH OpenMP Validation Suite

Hello all

Am representing Dr. Barbara Chapman’s group at the University of Houston.

We would be very happy for LLVM to use our OpenUH OpenMP test suite as a basis for testing the LLVM OpenMP implementation.

We therefore request you to check in a copy from
to the LLVM repository.
The code is BSD licensed, so is already compatible with LLVM’s licensing.

Glad to be part of the LLVM community! We will be very glad to collaborate with you folks on this and other related efforts.

Will be happy to get your feedback on the test suite if and when you can.
You can write to me if you have questions on the suite.

Thank you!


Thanks, Sunita and all at UH. I have some other job I cannot postpone, but will try to import the code next week so that people can start to integrate it here.

– Jim

James Cownie
SSG/DPD/TCAR (Technical Computing, Analyzers and Runtimes)

Tel: +44 117 9071438

Great! Sounds like a plan, Jim.


HI all, this was one of the action item we discussed last week in our call.

AI 1: Michael will interface with Barbara to get her to commit her tests, legally this is right, and also shows many people are interested in OMP in clang

The only thing we thought was that someone from UH drops the code and own the code. However, if Jim will do it instead. That is fine. Thanks.

This has already been committed; but now someone needs to actually hook it up so that running 'make test' actually uses it.


Sunita was traveling last week so I think she took the easy way out. I hope the way it's uploaded has no implications,

No problem. I undersstand. It achieved the goal either way. I have also invited Sunita to the call tomorrow. Thanks.

Ok, thanks Michael. I will join the call.