Passing command line arguments to optimization passes

Hi all,

I was wondering if there’s any way to pass command line arguments to LLVM optimization passes when run through the opt tool.

For example, suppose I register called MyPass, then I want to run

opt -load -MyPass 3 < input.bc

and have “3” be available to MyPass as a kind of argv argumnet through some method.

Or does it take a major rewrite of the opt tool command line parsing?


Harel Cain

Hi Harel,

Several existing passes can take command line arguments. Have a look at lib/Transforms/Scalar/LoopUnrollPass.cpp for example. Its command line arguments are defined using the cl::opt objects.

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A follow-up question:
Is there a way to make different passes accept one command line option that
will affect all of them?

For example, I'd like to have a -optStrength parameter, that can be given to
all of my passes simultaneously.

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Arnaud Allard de Grandmaison wrote:

You could make the cl:opt object visible outside one of your passes, and use it in your other passes : in other words, it is a global variable shared between several files.

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Yep. The ARM, X86 and PPC backends do this, for example. To find some examples, in <llvm>/lib/Target, run: grep -R "extern cl::opt" *