[PATCH] Build lldb on FreeBSD


This patch gets lldb building and running on FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT.
Most of it is bits copied from Linux and Darwin, but I had to move
some Darwin stuff out of Plugin/Utility and haven't had a chance to
test that build.

The build needs libexecinfo from ports for backtrace_symbols_fd()

lldb_freebsd.patch (154 KB)

Hi David,

Thanks for your patch. I've looked through the path file and found several references
of removal of the entire source/Plugins/Process/Utility/RegisterContext*.h/.cpp files.
Is that a mistake?

Typo. The patch file, not the path file. :slight_smile:


I did a svn mv to move a bunch of RegisterContextDarwin*.h/cpp files
out of utility into their own Process directory. I'm not fluent in
svn but that seemed to be the way to move the files. Feel free to
cherry pick around that part of the patch and do the move yourself if
there's a better way to do it. I need someone to test the Darwin
build with those files moved, though, since I didn't have a chance to
do it myself.

I have already moved all the RegisterContextDarwin* files into:


Johhny, please adjust the patch accordingly against the top of tree, or maybe David can update to top of tree LLDB and resend a patch.