[PATCH] [libc++, cmake] fix duplicate installation of headers

   The attached patch is my attempt to fix
where extra copies of libc++ header were installed by cmake.

The patch cleans up a few things:
1) no longer copy $srcdir/includes into $builddir/include (they were
2) pass both $srcdir/include and $builddir/include to cxxflags
3) move handling of header installs into the setup_abi_lib macro,
   clear out include/CMakeLists.txt completely
4) tighter control over what headers get installed

I've only tested this on my powerpc-darwin8 setup, with cmake 2.8.12, so it would be nice if someone could test on !darwin, maybe even cmake 2.8.10.
I am *not* adept at cmake, so this should (in addition) reviewed by someone who is. I'm sure it could be cleaner.


libcxx-install.patch (2.08 KB)


Would be helpful if someone cmake-literate could review,
and if someone could test on !darwin.