[PATCH] Linux support for compiler-rt's BlocksRuntime

Hi Folks,

The attached patches gets the Blocks runtime built and installed on my
Linux system. Let me know if the patches are okay as is, or what I
need to do to get them merged into compiler-rt. Thanks!

Bobby Powers

0001-define-OSAtomicCompareAndSwap-Long-Int-for-non-Mac-W.patch (1.71 KB)

0002-Don-t-include-Apple-header-files-if-we-re-on-Linux.patch (1.09 KB)

0003-Enable-make-install-in-cmake-for-Blocks-runtime.patch (803 Bytes)

I've reattached the patch to runtime.c, this time as output from svn
instead of git. As the original git commit noted, it does the

define OSAtomicCompareAndSwap(Long|Int) for non-Mac/Win32 systems

if neither TARGET_OS_MAC or TARGET_OS_WINDOWS are defined, check to
see if GCC atomic built-ins are available (and use them if they are).


gcc_atomic_ops.patch (1.75 KB)

Applied 81615.

Thank you,
Edward O'Callaghan.