Performance comparison of Clang/LLVM vs. GCC

Hi everyone,

I am currently writing my PhD thesis about my LLVM-based research topic
called PACXX. I would like to add some performance data of LLVM vs. GCC
regarding compilation time and overall code generation quality. Are
there resources available that shows the latest performance numbers of
LLVM 4.0 vs GCC? I remember a talk at EuroLLVM17 saying that LLVM is
(almost) on par with GCC.

Btw. I am planing to open source my research project in the coming month
and wanted to ask, if their is interest in the LLVM community that an
SPMD programming model integrated into C++ (like C++AMP or SYCL) is
going upstream and what is required to upstream parts of my code base.

Michael Haidl

University of Muenster