Policy and advise for working with LLVM release branch with git-svn


I noticed that the LLVM 3.5 release branch landed recently.

I have a few patches (these are all part of my recent work to fix up
the CMake interface) that I'd like in both LLVM3.5 release branch and
trunk that I'd like to commit

Is there any policy on how should do this be done, or can I just
commit the patch to both trunk and then the release branch with
identical commit messages? Or should these be the same commit (I think
SVN lets you do this...)

I'm also currently using git-svn to push to trunk by following [1].
There isn't any advise there about working with the release branches.
I have never pushed to a svn branch from git-svn before I'd like to
not screw this up.

Should I

- Just use svn for committing to the release branch
- Create a new git repository on my local machine and set it up in [1]
but use the release URL instead of trunk
- Do some kind of magic so I can continue to use existing LLVM git
repository and be able to push either trunk or the release branch
- Something else...

[1] http://llvm.org/docs/GettingStarted.html#for-developers-to-work-with-git-svn


Hi Dan,

Commits for work that is still ongoing (i.e., not a new feature), can be committed to the 3.5 release branch. The requirement is that the patches need to be tested on the 3.5 release branch and not just on trunk. It’s very important to keep the branch as stable as possible. I’ll let everyone know when we’re no longer accepting non-bug fix patches.


The usual approach is to commit to trunk and request a merge (I suppose a cherry-pick in git parlance) of the relevant changes. I expect for this kind of thing that Bill would be OK with you doing the merge yourself.

Great thanks. I've just submitted my last patches to llvm-commits for
review. I'll start merging the necessary commits on to the release
branch using the handy ``utils/release/merge.sh`` script that you
pointed to in another e-mail.