Possible bug with Bitcast instruction Expanding?

Hi all,
i am using llvm-3.4 with my backend
i have those 2 .ll files test.fp.ll
<http://llvm.1065342.n5.nabble.com/file/n66038/test.fp.ll> and
test.int.ll <http://llvm.1065342.n5.nabble.com/file/n66038/test.int.ll> .i
have v4f32 and v4i32 native types on my backend and BITCAST instruction
expanded for any type. i use llc with -O2

the code that the .ll with the v4i32 emmits is

i found it

it wanted to declare BITCAST legal
and add

  def : Pat<(v4f32 (bitconvert (v4i32 QGR128:$src))), (v4f32
  def : Pat<(v4i32 (bitconvert (v4f32 QGR128:$src))), (v4i32

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