Prevent merging of names to types

Hello all,

in my runtime lowlevel IR module I have several type definitions, some of
which may turn out to be structurally equivalent. They look like follows

%enumeration_ty = type {
   ; count of enumerators
   ; enumerators
   [0 x %enumerator_ty]

%lookupresult_ty = type {
   ; kind of lookup result

Now when I link this module to the code generation module (where I emit code
into), llvm may unify structurally equivalent types and remove arbitrary
names (I use Linker::LinkInFile).

Let's assume it merges "lookupresult_ty" with a structurally equivalent
unnamed type, and decides to remove the "%lookupresult_ty" name from the
module's symbol table. How can I access the type that lookupresult_ty was
aliased to afterwards? I thought about adding dummy global variables whose
type is %lookupresult_ty for retaining a handle to the type, but there must
be a more clean way to do this.

Thanks for any support!