Problem loading plugin dll into clang under Windows


I have developed a plugin for clang (latest version from svn). The plugin (x64) loads and executes just fine with the clang I have build binary clang distribution (LLVM-4.0.1-win64) I'll get the error below.

I suspect that I have to link the dll with some special options. Is there somewhere a description of the build environment for Visual Studio?

Btw: I am building the stuff with Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise.

"c:\Program Files\LLVM\bin\clang" -fplugin=MyPlugin.dll -c d:\clang+llvm\tests\simple.c -o d:\clang+llvm\tests\simple.o

error: unable to load plugin 'MyPlugin.dll': 'MyPlugin.dll: Can't open: Unknown error (0xC1)'

Thanks for your help


Error code 0xC1 appears to translate to:

193 (0xC1)

%1 is not a valid Win32 application

Thanks Kim, for your help.

Unfortunately I have not found a solution. I have tried several combination (32/64bit) without success.

I suspect that the VS2017 build is not compatible with the latest greatest clang build.

If I find the culprit I’ll post it here.

  • Marcel