Problem updating monorepo on Windows

Hi folks,

I recently started getting errors when I fetch from the github monorepo (

They look like this:

$ git fetch
error: cannot lock ref ‘refs/tags/release_600’: there is a non-empty directory ‘.git/refs/tags/release_600’ blocking reference ‘refs/tags/release_600’
! [new tag] release_600 → release_600 (unable to update local ref)

It seems there is a conflict between the “release_600” tag and the “RELEASE_600/final” tag. It seems like that would affect all case-insensitive filesystems, including both NTFS and HFS.

Can somebody delete the tag on the remote so that this works normally again?



For now, I have removed RELEASE_600/filnal in the github.
I will rename release_600 to RELEASE_600/final in the future. (Then, I have to regenerate packages)

Sorry for the inconvenience.