Program repository project

Hi all,

I’d like to update you on the program repository research project. We have made the decision that we will no longer be continuing work on the project, to focus on other LLVM-based work.

The program repository project demonstrated several new things, including:

  • Bootstrapping LLVM and Clang with per-function program data stored in a persistent data store rather than ELF object files
  • Significant reduction of optimisation time by reusing already optimised functions
  • A system to avoid creating duplicates at compile time so they do not have to be removed at link time
  • A new linker capable of linking simple programs directly from the program repository

More on these can be found here (edit: or here on mailing list archive).

Thanks to everyone who contributed to or expressed interest in the project.

The Github repositories for the project and will still be accessible but archived and read only.


I know it happens for a number of reasons (none of them malicious!), but it’s common for experimental works like this to fizzle out without it being clear whether work is continuing, perhaps in another location or behind closed doors. So I just wanted to say thank you for providing that clarity, and of course thank you to everyone involved for sharing the work publicly so anyone hoping to explore similar ideas can build upon it.