PSTL status

I’d like to understand better what the plan is for PSTL.

IIUC this does not currently get included in releases made via (not even the serial version). Is this deliberately omitted or just something no one’s yet decided to include?

Are there teams which are distributing LLVM toolchains including libc++ with PSTL and/or PSTL+TBB? I’d like to know more about the existing use cases.

PSTL posts seem to attract silence very successfully (1, 2, 3, 4)… :thinking:

@nadiasvertex has been behind most of these, and also has an open PR.

I’m guessing the libcxx folks had more pressing priorities so far (aside from being mostly on discord & not on discourse).

For anyone subscribed here, there’s been some movement on this recently, as it’s now being planned to ingest the pstl into libcxx more directly. See here for a stack of WIP patches: ⚙ D141779 [libc++][PSTL] Copy the headers into libc++

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Another update: there’s now a page for the implementation status of the PSTL in libcxx, and some things are green already, thanks primarily to @philnik’s tireless work!

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