Query "next" decl in a DeclGroup?

Hi All,

Given a Decl*, I want to find who are the other decls in its DeclGroup. So for:

int foo, bar;

Given a Decl* for ‘foo’, I want to find ‘bar’.

ASTConsumer.h (http://clang.llvm.org/doxygen/ASTConsumer_8h_source.html) mentions a getNextDeclarator method, which seems to have been removed in r68002 (so the comment is stale now).

Any way to do this?

One way I see is when the consumer defines HandleTopLevelDecl it gets the whole group and can go over it. But what about somewhere deep in the traversal, if all I have is a Decl*?

There’s getNextDeclInContext, but that goes beyond the group too.

Thanks in advance,

I don't believe we have any explicit representation of top-level DeclGroups
once we finish parsing. You may be able to reconstruct this information by
looking at the source locations of declarations (if the source range of the
next declaration in the lexical context overlaps the current declaration's
range, then they're in the same group).

I was fearing you will say that :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply - I'll find a way
around it.


FWIW, I cleaned up the comment in r210851.