Question about inline Assembler - Visual Studio Style

Hello friendly Clang-World,

this is my first time using a mailing list, so I hope I do everything right. For my company I try to compile some old x86 code with clang, which compiled with Visual Studio 6. There I found the following macro:

#define POINT_TO_LABEL(variable, address) { void* dest; __asm push eax __asm mov eax, offset seq_lbl##address __asm mov dest,eax __asm {pop eax} variable = dest;}

Clang says:
error: unexpected token in
argument list
Include\vSeqCodeModule.h(183,155): note: expanded from macro ‘POINT_TO_LABEL’
…seq_lbl##address __asm mov dest,eax __asm {pop eax} variable = dest;}

When I remove the {} from the last __asm code, the error from the ‘=’ disappears, but the first message keeps coming.

So… What is the problem? Is this kind of inline assembler not compatible with Clang?

I have a second question for a private project. Do I have to send another mail with this question?

Kind regards from Germany
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This looks like we’re lexing multiple __asm one line statements in macros incorrectly.

On top of that, MSVC supports using labels in inline asm in ways that LLVM cannot. I think this is the relevant open issue:

Even if you overcome the lexing issue, I don’t think this asm will work as intended with clang.