Question about the status of the IR extensions for OpenMP

[Apologies if you received this email twice, the first time I sent it
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Hi all,

some time ago Intel proposed a set of minimal IR extensions to improve
the support of OpenMP in LLVM [1][2].

I wonder if there has been any progress on this and if it is going to
be upstreamed.

Also the previous proposal[2] and communications to the llvm-dev[3]
mention the following spec:

  LLVM Intrinsic Function and Metadata String Interface for Directive
(or Pragmas) Representation.
  Specification Draft v0.9, Intel Corporation, 2016.

but I have not been able to find it anywhere (at least via a web
search). Is it available somewhere?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Roger,

There are at least two concurrent efforts that work on an IR extension
similar to what you cite below, one by Intel and one by a researcher
working group. Afaik, both will approach the community in the next few
weeks. (And to make sure they'll see your mail I put them all in the

In the meantime you could take a look at this proposal [0]. It is not
an IR extension but an abstraction layer that allows to design and
test parallel specific analysis and optimizations on both current and
future parallel representations.



  I realized you saw the proposal already but I didn't want to remove
  the paragraph about it once I was done.


thanks a lot Johannes.

I have some (hopefully simple) questions about your proposal. I'll
make them in the original thread, instead.

Kind regards,

Hi Roger,

this time I actually put some people in the CC that can probably better
help you.