Quick question about your "Recommit r212203"

Yes, it’s our own frontend (julia). I am running with assertions enabled, but I’m not getting any. It is perfectly possible that we’re doing something incorrect. I wouldn’t be surprised. Anything I can do to check?

Hmm - are you putting your subprograms in the subprogram list of the compile unit in the metadata? Do you use DIBuilder to build your debug info?

Also, would it make sense to cc this to the mailing list now?

Sure, added llvm-dev to the thread now.

Hi David,

I figured it out fairly quickly (I missed an argument to createFunction). It ended up taking a while longer to actually verify that it worked, because it exposed another bug on my dev machine where MCJIT would drop _eh_frame on mac, but that’s unrelated. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly on this earlier!