r244262 broke the build on arm32


Yes, that's a complicated patch to get right. But we desperately need
that change to get Clang breaking less often on ARM devices.

James, from the error message, can you guess a fix? I'm willing to
overlook the breakage for a few hours if you think you can get it
green with a few tried. :slight_smile:


I believe this should already be fixed by r244280.

Excellent! It's going to be in the next build of most bots. I'll keep an eye.


Sorry about that; I thought I’d already gotten alignment specs added and didn’t re-check this commit on a 32bit build. But apparently I missed (at least) one of them in the previous set…good demonstration of the importance of the change, though! :slight_smile:

I’ll check the further changes to TrailingObjects on a 32bit host first to hopefully avoid breakage.

Thanks! A simple run on a x86 VM normally does the trick. :slight_smile: