Random notes on the llvm developer meeting

Hi Everyone,

The first LLVM Developer Meeting seems to have been a great success!
People are using LLVM in many interesting ways, and the excitement level seemed generally very high.

Many thanks to the speakers, attendees, and organizers. I really enjoyed meeting all of you, and it's great to now be able to put faces together with names. From an informal poll, about 20% of attendees flew in, and just about everyone seemed to want to do it again :).

Speakers: please send me a copy of your slides in .PDF format for future reference and for those who couldn't make it. I'll put together a page to host them.

Also, random nagging note: please send a picture to be included on http://llvm.org/developers.cgi . If you have contributed code or a bugfix, you should be on this page :slight_smile:

For those who couldn't attend, we video taped all of the talks and official discussions (many thanks to Tanya for making this happen). Assuming the tapes are all good etc, we'll put the videos up somewhere in a week or two.

Anyway, happy hacking all,