Regarding profiling with llvm


I am a new user to llvm. I have a small question. I am trying to
obtain basic block execution frequency for LLVM blocks for mediabench
g721 benchmark.

I have generated control flow graphs, and instruction mix of the same.
however, to obtain runtime profile information, I tried the following.

build llvm in PROFILE_ENABLE mode
reconfigure path for all the files.
run makefile for benchmark g721 : gmake ENABLE_PROFILING=1
According to the manual, it says I would get a profile.out file.
However, I dont see the file. However, I see several files like
encode.out-cbe, encode.out-jit etc.

I assumed that encode.out.cbe would provide me with common block
execution profile information and gave the command
analyze encode.out-cbe. This generated a gmon.out file which I read
with gprof. Howveer, i dont get any information about the block
frequencies and other information. Is there something I am doing

Any help shall be greatly appreciated.