Registration for Community.o Summit Extended! Apply today before space runs out!

The Community.o Summit ( is just one week away and we have extended the application deadline up until the event (March 8-10). However, space is still limited and we encourage you to apply today to attend the sessions you are most interested in. The agenda has been published and we have a great list of talks and speakers.

The Community.o Summit features the Geek Whisperer: Adelina Chalmers, with the Keynote Workshop Deconstructing the Myth: “Only real coders contribute to LLVM!” View a video message from Adelina about this workshop:

What’s stopping you from contributing? Let’s Discuss How we can Increase Diverse Engagement in LLVM

At LLVM we are concerned that some people might feel that unless they contribute code, their contribution is not valuable.

To be a real contributor to LLVM there’s a myth that the only way you can contribute is by adding code or patches, but there are so many other areas where we need our members’ help. We need volunteers from writing documentation, sheepherding and support, people to review patches and so on.

LLVM wants to increase participation and contribution from new and diverse members of the LLVM community.

If you are:

• a new contributor or
• someone who’s tried to contribute but felt unable to do it again, or
• a regular contributor who’d like to encourage others contribute
This workshop is for you.

During this workshop we would like to candidly discuss and uncover:

• What you have told us so far that prevents you from contributing to LLVM Discord, Discourse, mailing lists and RFCs and hear your examples.
• If you perhaps worry about being criticised for speaking up, or feel you don’t have enough experience or perhaps tried to contribute but felt unable to, we want to discuss your experience.
• We would like to hear from you what changes you would like LLVM to make to enable new and diverse members to participate fully to the LLVM community.

In addition to this workshop we have many other interesting talks, panels and workshops that cross different open source projects in the language, compilers, and tools space. Check out the full agenda here:

We hope to see you at the Community.o Summit! Be sure to tell your friends to come too!