Release of Clang UPC v 3.5.1-0

15 April 2015

Intrepid Technology announces the availability of the Clang UPC version
3.5.1-0 compiler. Clang UPC is a Unified Parallel C compiler that
extends the capability of the Clang/LLVM compiler and tool set.

For further information on the UPC language and this implementation

This release is based on Clang/LLVM 3.5 and provides the following

    Clang UPC
    UPC language compiler.

    Clang UPC2C
    UPC to C translator compatible with the Berkeley UPC toolset.

It has been tested on the following configurations:

    Intel (Xeon) (64 bit)
    AMD (Opteron) (64/32 bit)
    Intel i686 (32 bit)
    PowerPC (Power7) (64 bit)

More information on Clang UPC configuration and install can be found at
the Clang UPC web page.

== Runtime Environments ===

Clang UPC provides two runtime environments:

    Shared memory symmetric multiprocessing

    Infiniband networking with Portals 4.0 reference library support

== Downloads ==

The following three source code components of Clang UPC are available
for download: llvm-upc, clang-upc, and upc2c at GitHub download page -

For convenience a tarball release of all three components is also
provided. However, all three repositories can be also cloned form -
Intrepid Technology, Inc. · GitHub.

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