Removing GCC Runtime Dependencies on Linux

Hello all,

Is it possible, if using libc++ and compiler-rt, to have a clang with no runtime dependencies on any GCC components on Linux? If not, will this ever be possible?

Shea Levy

We are working on a new libc++abi: which carries the llvm license.


Great! There's no Makefile or anything there, do I just link everything into one library or how do I use it to play around?

We're still working up to a Makefile. This libc++abi is still very much in the primitive stages. It is not ready for prime time on /any/ platform right now. It is simply a light at the end of the tunnel (we hope it isn't a train :-)). More seriously, this library is under active development by myself and others. We believe a complete GPL-free stack is a quite reasonable future goal. But we are not there today.


If you want something to play with, you can try with libcxxrt, which already does what libcxxabi is intended to do, and that is distributed under the BSD license.

Moreover, I think David Chisnall (which is an author of libcxxrt) has already patched libc++ to make it work with this runtime.

-- Jean-Daniel