Replace "while" "for" loops with "If-Else"

Hi everyone,

I hope to implement a feature to transform an IR with “while” or “for” loops to a new IR with no loop. Instead, I just want to use if-else statements in the new IR to implement the original semantics.

I can easily write a transform pass to handle the 1-level loop case, but for nested loops it seems a little harder.

Can you show me some hints? Thank you very much!

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If the inner loop can be flatten [1] (not sure if I use the right word), which means transforming the nested loop into 1-level loop, I think you can continue using your pass on it.



Hi weiren,

Thanks for your suggestion! Yes, I am trying to do this “nested flattening”. It seems that I need a post-dominator tree-based algorithm to flatten the nested loops from the innermost to the outermost, level by level.

Is there any feature already existed in LLVM tools? Or similar?

You can give Polly [1] a shot. I’m not aware of existing pass does similar work.


I am not sure I understand the problem statement. If the max iteration
count is statically known, any loop nest can be unrolled. Otherwise, I
don't see how one can remove such loops. Recursion maybe?

Polly does not implement loop flattening. That is, there's a "flatten
schedule" pass which would theoretically do this (if loop iteration
count is known), but it is not meant for production use.