[RFC] Building LLVM-Debuginfod

Hi -

As a developer of elfutils/debuginfod, I read with interest your
intent to build an llvm reimplementation of the debuginfod stack.
Best of luck, enjoy!

I'm curious whether there were any indications that the existing code
base couldn't be used due to problems of some sort. AIUI, licensing
compatibility with LLVM is moot for out-of-process binaries like the
debuginfod server and the debuginfod-find client. -L symlink loops
are a SMOP. Was mach-o support the only real showstopper?

- FChE

Two major factors are compatibility with a broad range of platforms (our toolchain is already being used by developers on Linux, macOS, Windows) and permissive license (our goal is to provide a permissively licensed, self-contained toolchain with a complete set of binary tools that support debuginfod).

We are also thinking about some potential future extensions that would make sense for the LLVM implementation. For example, we are planning on adopting GSYM as the symbolization format and we would like to support GSYM in debuginfod in the future.