[RFC] RISC-V backend

Hi Alex,

Nice to meet you, my name is Ofer Shinaar, am going to part of a team leading “tool chain” change using llvm/gcc for risc-v.

On the “work target” there can be few things that we might want to add to the llvm and share with the community.

I read (and still reading) your work over llvm for risc-v.

I did notice the following:

do let me know if you’d like to be CCed in or added as a reviewer to future patches

Can you add me please ?



Shinaar Ofer
Manager, Firmware Engineering
SanDisk |a Western Digital brand

Migdal Tefen 24959, P.O Box 3
T: +972-4-9078783 | M: +972-52-2836160


Hi Ofer and welcome!

You can do this by adding a new 'Herald' rule on Phabricator.

Go to Login, click "Differential
Revisions" and on the next page "Personal". On the next page:
* Rule name: [whatever you want]
* When [all of] these conditions are met:
  * [Affected files] [contains] [RISCV]
* Take these actions [every time] this rule matches:
  * [Add me as a subscriber]

This _should_ add you as a subscriber for any patch posted for review
that touches a file containing RISCV in the path.