RTB - Tracking compile time and compiler sizes for LLVM and GCC


I thought it would be interesting to see how both LLVM and GCC fared in terms of compile time and compiler size over the last few years.
To do this, I’ve built a static site called “Race To Binary” (RTB).
The site visualises the change in compile time and compiler size using weekly snapshots of the LLVM and GCC C++ compilers.
For more details, please read our release blog post here.

The interactive results are available here: https://uob-hpc.github.io/rtb/
In addition, we are also hosting all the compiled snapshots (~380GB) used in the website, available at https://uob-hpc.github.io/compiler-snapshots/.

RTB’s URLs are stable, here’s the compiler performance and size results for LLVM12-15 and GCC11-13 for miniBUDE OpenMP:

RTB is currently not suitable for finding regressions in specific commits due to the snapshot granularity (1 week), please use http://llvm-compile-time-tracker.com for this purpose instead.

Shameless plug: If you find these interesting, we’ve done similar researches on SYCL’s runtime performance, see https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3456669.3456701.
For compile time, an interesting study from another group looked at SYCL’s compile time: https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3529538.3529548.

Tom Lin


Nice! Are you aware of LLVM Compile-Time Tracker? It’s doing something similar, for LLVM only, but I believe with a different testing methodology.

I see it linked in the post.