run into a problem with a version of GCC not listed here

dear LLVM developer team,

referring to your notes on the web-page:

i like to report, some problems with LLVM:

problem I:

Did you tell clang to generate code for xpic (instead of x86?).


llvm[3]: Compiling xpicDelaySlotFiller.cpp for Release build
/local/build/llvm/xpic_tools_src/llvm/lib/Target/xpic/xpicDelaySlotFiller.cpp: In member function âbool<unname d>::Filler::isDataDependence(llvm::MachineInstr&)â:
/local/build/llvm/xpic_tools_src/llvm/lib/Target/xpic/xpicDelaySlotFiller.cpp:149:77: error: âprintfâ was no t declared in this scope
/bin/rm: cannot remove `/local/build/llvm/xpic_tools_src/llvm-objects/lib/Target/xpic/Release/xpicDelaySlotFille r.d.tmp': No such file or directory
make[3]: *** [/local/build/llvm/xpic_tools_src/llvm-objects/lib/Target/xpic/Release/xpicDelaySlotFiller.o] Error

There is no xpic target in LLVM sources. You should ask that person,
whom you obtained sources from.