Running regression tests from Windows command line


I'm now trying to run the clang regression tests from the command line using under Windows. However, I need to run 'make test' to generate the site-specific configuration file, and I need to run 'configure' to do that. How are people doing that under Windows? Do I need to install Cygwin just for this one command?

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Alistair Low

To run the clang test regression I installed this:
It is needed for the grep utility I believe.
You don't need cygwin, you don't need to do "configure" or "make test"
on Windows.

Just use this command:
python -sv D:/Dev/llvm/llvm_trunk/tools/clang/test/

Thanks for your answer - I have gnuwin32 installed so that's ok. However, when I run the command below I get the following output: lit.cfg:74: fatal: No site specific configuration available!

I can see that there is a file named in llvm/tools/clang/test, so I assume that something should configure that to produce the Am I supposed to run something to do that for me, or do I need to configure it manually?

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On Windows, the easiest way to generate the "" file is to use CMake.

Go to your llvm root directory and type this:
CMake -G "Visual Studio 9 2008"

Or if you prefer using VS 2010:
CMake -G "Visual Studio 10"

This should generate the in clang/test. Make sure python
is in your path. (I am using Python 2.7 if that matters)
Then you compile the llvm.sln solution and after you should be able to
run the lit test from the command line.

Thanks, that works now. I don't think I had Python in the path the last time I ran CMake. I get Access Denied errors now when lit tries to run a test but I'm sure that's a Windows problem that I can solve easily.

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