Small fixes (2)


I sent some small fixes to the list, but I don’t know if anyone saw them, since they got mixed with some questions I had.

One fixes debug code that usually gets ifdeffed out of compilation.
Another one initializes a uint64_t variable that would get the highest 32-bits zeroed out when executing a 32-bit target, resulting in possibly wrong addresses when disassembling code.
The “get-first-thread-if-no-selected-thread” patch makes CommandObjectThreadStepWithTypeAndScope::Execute behave like what was told to be the desired behaviour: If there is no selected thread, the first thread is selected ( ).



fix-ifdeffed-code-stackframelist.patch (1.19 KB)

get-first-thread-if-no-selected-thread.patch (966 Bytes)

uninitialized-uint64.patch (397 Bytes)

Hi Filipe,

Thanks for the patches. The ifdef and uninitialized patches have been applied.
As to the get-first-thread patch, we’re considering to modify the GetSelectedThread() method impl
so that it returns the 0th thread if there is no selected thread.

Thanks again!

OK, thanks. I think I may have some more patches soon.