Someone is squatting the LLVM project's on GitHub

I got an email from someone through GitHub asking me to join the LLVM
project at

It looks like someone is squatting the LLVM project's name.

No it is not. See, the recent emails in the mailing lists.

Long story short: if you filled the survey, this is not enough from
GitHub perspective to claim the authorship. So, you need to confirm
via accepting the invite.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what you are talking about. I'm not
subscribed to the mailing list, and I did not complete a survey.


Oh, this means that someone filled out the LLVM bugzilla to github
migration survey and put your github account there. This is exactly
the situation this invitation was designed for. Feel free to ignore it
and nothing will be attributed to your github account.

I will follow up privately with the date / time of the survey entry
just in case.

Here’s links to a couple of the threads that Anton’s referring to: