Static Analyzer project list?


I am interested in learning how I can get involved in the static
analyzer project. Is there a project list somewhere that discusses what
sorts of things are needed/planned?



Hi Dave,

There isn't an active projects list, although I have been meaning to make one. I'll see if I can come up with a partial list this week and post it to the website. Is there a particular area that you are interested in? Here are a few areas that come to mind:

- More domain-specific checks (simple to sophisticated)
- Improving bug reports (i.e., what information is reported)

- Reworking scan-view to be much more powerful for error triaging and navigation and have a better interface
- Integration into emacs/eclipse/whatever
- Allow "plug-in" checks that get loaded dynamically

"Harder" (more in the guts of the analyzer)
- Reducing memory consumption (and improve performance)
- Add symbolic reasoning for linear constraints, e.g. x < y + 2
- Analyzing C++
- Inter-procedural analysis
- Make it easier to write checks