Status of llvm-ld


As a part of the PNaCl project we’re doing some investigations into how we do linking, and have started looking at llvm-ld. Several of us have heard that this tool is no longer supported. Could someone please clarify?



Hi David,

It is supported and in use by many projects. Most people who care about LTO have switched to native linker plugins: either liblto (on the mac) or the gold plugin. That said, llvm-link and llvm-ld continue to work as they always have. llvm-ld's major limitation is that it doesn't implement all the linker flags that various system ld's do.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the update. As you know, we’re trying to build a phase that looks like the user’s platform linker, so we’ll probably need all the flag support eventually. And although it’s hotly debated occasionally (:-)), we probably will want the ability to link with native code also. Both of these lean in favor of gold/plugin.

Thanks again,