Store patterns accepting i32 only?

I'm trying to write a store pattern that accepts both i32 and f32,
however, when tablegen generates the code, it only generates the code
for i32 only.

def ADDR : ComplexPattern<i32, 2, "SelectADDR", , >;

def MEM : Operand<i32> {

    let PrintMethod = "printMemOperand";

    let MIOperandInfo = (ops GPR, GPR);


def global_st : SDNode<"AMDILISD::GLOBAL_STORE", SDTStore,

    [SDNPHasChain, SDNPMayLoad, SDNPMemOperand]>;

def global_store : PatFrag<(ops node:$val, node:$ptr),

    (st node:$val, node:$ptr), [{

        return isGlobalStore(dyn_cast<StoreSDNode>(N));


def GLOBALSTORE : OneInOneOut<IL_OP_MOV, (outs), (ins GPR:$val,

                        "mov g[$ptr], $val",

                        [(global_store GPR:$val, ADDR:$ptr)]>;

I want this same pattern to be able to accept all the types for val that
GPR is mapped to(i32, i64, f32, f64).

Is there any way I can modify this so that it do what I want?

Here is a snippet of the generated code with the items bolded that I
don't want generated:

if (Predicate_global_store(N.Val)) {

    SDValue N1 = N.getOperand(1);

    SDValue N2 = N.getOperand(2);

    SDValue CPTmp0;

    SDValue CPTmp1;

    if (SelectADDR(N, N2, CPTmp0, CPTmp1)) {

      // Pattern: (st:void GPR:i32:$val,

      // Emits: (GLOBALSTORE_i32:void GPR:i32:$val, ADDR:i32:$ptr)

      // Pattern complexity = 13 cost = 1 size = 0

      if (N1.Val->getValueType(0) == MVT::i32 &&

          N2.Val->getValueType(0) == MVT::i32) {

        return Emit_14(N, AMDIL::GLOBALSTORE_i32, CPTmp0, CPTmp1);




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You probably want to use a multipattern (“defm”). This allows a single “line” of TD file to expand into multiple 'def’s. Take a look at the X86 SSE instructions for some examples of this. Also, the tblgen document has some info as well,


The problem with that is I still have to write multiple multipatterns,
and in this particular case, I want the pattern to match all types of
the GPR register class, not just a single one of that class per
sub-pattern. The GPR register class has 32bit and 64 bit scalars along
with 32, 64, and 128 bit vector types. So the number of patterns I would
have to write is very large even with a multipattern but the instruction
produces for all of these types is the exact same, "mov g[$ptr], $val".

Any other ideas that might work before I get started with the
multipattern stuff?