Strange behaviour of `--view-sched-dags`

Hi all,
This is my first post about LLVM (sorry for any naivety I might ask).

I am trying to understand scheduling (and register allocation) algorithms, and I tried to print the scheduling DAG with --view-sched-dags. While it produced somedot files in the tmp folder, when I try to do:

dot -Tpng /tmp/ > test.png

I receive a lot of errors from graphviz saying that the dot file is malformed (errors concerning especially the labels of the nodes).

Any idea of why this is happening?


Faced the same problem. Fixed by ⚙ D115649 Revert unnecessary and incorrect change made to GraphWriter. Getting latest souce should fixed your issue.

Hi @Shivam,
Thanks for your help, it is now working fine. Since we are here, I was wondering if you could suggest a tool to analyze those graphs (in my case those graphs can contain > 1000 nodes and > 500 edges).

I tried the normal dot suite, but all the edges are very hard to identify. I had a look at some other tool (like gephi), but I was not super-happy either.

Thanks for any other suggestion,

Sorry @giuseros, I am not aware of that tool. I will let others to make suggestion or I will suggest you to ask on dev mailing list.