SVN GIT version corresponding to release

Hi All,

I was checking for GIT or SVN versions corresponding to llvm3.1 release by checking svn and git logs, but failed to find the exact match.

I checked with r156747, which is the last version it shows in
but when I ‘diff’ this with the ‘downloaded llvm3.1 release’(, then I get a lot of differences.

(i have excluded .svn directory, .git and some other files during diff)

Version ‘r155051’ logs about creating new directory for ‘release_31’. The diff with this version though gives me marginally less differences.

Which SVN or GIT version should be considered as equivalent to llvm3.1 release ?

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Won’t it be

I always though the /tags/RELEASE_xx/final branch would hold the final, released tarball contents, but this does not appear to be the case, at least not for 3.1. I can confirm that diffing /tags/RELEASE_31/final and the 3.1 tarball shows some non-trivial changes.

The 3.2 release seems to be okay though; the diff only shows changes in the last-modified timestamps in the HTML docs. Though I just noticed that the source release has llvmbuild .pyc files. Won’t including those cause issues?

It could, since they are architecture dependent in python2 (python3
uses a different scheme for storing them instead of ".pyc" files). The
worst that could happen is probably segfaulting the interpreter (no
data loss, but possibly confusion for the user).

-- Sean Silva