Target specific intrinsics

I’m working on intrinsics for my backend and require intrinsic overloading. Is this supported? If so, are there any examples?



Some of the ARM NEON intrinsics are overloaded.


Thanks, I'll take a look at it.

Another question.

Is there a way to make a 'generic' Intrinsic?

It seems that I can specify an intrinsic as either float, int or vector for generics, but I'd like a way to specify for any type.
I.e. something like this:
def int_AMDIL_cmov_logical : GCCBuiltin<"__amdil_cmov_logical">,
      Intrinsic<[llvm_any_ty], [LLVMMatchType<0>,
          LLVMMatchType<0>, LLVMMatchType<0>]>;

I don't really care what type the intrinsic is, as long as all arguments are of the same type. I've looked at the other backend TD files and really can't find a way of doing this without specifying three different versions.
It isn't too much work to add the three different types, just trying to not have to duplicate code if there is a way not to.