Trouble to use MatchFinder::match


I’m a software developer and in my company we use clang to parse c++ code.

I’m in trouble to go to a call back when I’m using an AST matcher.

Here is the problem:

I already use the function “ clang::ast_matchers::MatchFinder::matchAST(ASTContext&)” and it works perfectly. But, in a particular case, I would like to match only within a subtree so I try to use “ clang::ast_matchers::MatchFinder::match(constT &node, ASTContext&)” but I never reach my callback.

Here a sample of a source code

clang::ast_matchers::MatchFinder matcherFinder;

matcherFinder.addMatcher(binaryOperatorMatcher, new MatchCallback(

[&cleanListField](cla::MatchFinder::MatchResult const & matchRes)


auto binaryOperator = matchRes.Nodes.getNodeAsclang::Stmt(binaryOperatorNode);



matcherFinder.match((*constructor), constructor->getASTContext());


As we can see in the example, the subtree root is a clang::CXXConstructorDecl.

Thanks you in advance.

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If a matcher is applied to concrete AST node instead of the whole context, it matches strictly this given node. To match child nodes, enclose your matcher with hasDescendant() or forEachDescendant() matcher.

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