Unable to Commit to GitHub

I’m trying to commit to GitHub, but I keep getting a 403 error. I’m using a personal access token. Is there a special thing I have to do to set this up?

Password for ‘https://gwelymernans@github.com’:

remote: Permission to llvm/llvm-project.git denied to gwelymernans.

fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project.git/’: The requested URL returned error: 403

Usage Exception: Push failed! Fix the error and run “arc land” again.

Hi Bill,

For the next couple of weeks or so, the Github repository is a read-only repo. To commit, you’ll need SVN commit access and use “git llvm push” to commit. See https://llvm.org/docs/GettingStarted.html#for-developers-to-commit-changes-from-git for details.


Ah! I see. Thanks!