Unusual file size for libs

> Hello,
> I am building llvm and clang with following options
> --show-sdk-path` *
> Here I want to use libclang with OS X application and minimum deployment
> target for my app is 10.10 . But this build command generates around 7 GB
> of libs. This is unusual. For example normal build will generate
> libLLVMCodeGen.a of size 4 MB but with above mentioned Cmake option it
> generates 25 MB . Is it due to I am building on 10.11 OS X and minimum
> required target is set to 10.10 ?
> Please explain .

Have you disabled debugging?

No build type is debug but previously when I didn't pass
with Debug build type size is very less. 7 GB is very unusual.
http://llvm.org/docs/GettingStarted.html according to this guide even with
Debug build type total size could go about 3 GB .


Well, for the build on Linux I certainly see 7GB w/ and 1GB w/o debug
symbols for the whole build directory -- that's with shared library.
For libLLVMCodeGen.so, it is 4MB vs 85MB. Compressed debug information
or differences in the unification can make some difference, but I am not
surprised by 25MB at all.