Update on GitHub pull requests

I cannot access the Phabricator instance and I’ve asked whether we can make it live even if open for our local area network so that we can crawl more information.

(I crawled /Dxxx pages when I was about to go on vacation and did not have more time to polish it. The crawling process was painfully slow. I have a bit more information on Some reviews on reviews.llvm.org seem to be missing from the static archive - #4 by MaskRay)

I have collected differentials that are not “Closed” at
https://gist.githubusercontent.com/MaskRay/798de69eb9e7ec7c3e98507265dc5514/raw/ .
It contains author and subscription mailing lists like *-commits (if present). I hope that can be a poor man’s replacement for /p/username and search functionality…