Upstreaming Flang - postponed to Monday 23rd March

Hi llvm-dev

We have not been able to complete all the work we need to do before merging F18 into LLVM as Flang so we will not be dong that today as previously announced.

We propose to slip this back a week to let us finish off the last bits of work. All code changes are in review as of Friday. If you want more detail, you can see the exact status here:

Before we merge into the monorepo, we'll post a dummy version of the commit into a fork of llvm-project so folks can have a quick look at the code and history before we merge in.

Sorry for the delay on this. We want to get it right before we merge into the monorepo.


Richard Barton
Principal Engineer - Arm Compiler for Linux
Arm Manchester

Thanks for the update and your dedication to making sure everything is good to go before merge.

When you’re ready would you mind sending a 24 and maybe even a 12 hour notice before merging? Those of us downstream are going to have our hands full :slight_smile:



Hi Eric

I realised today that I never replied to this. Sorry about that.

You should see that we are not merging today, but when we do we’ll definitely give a few days of notice for this change. Our plan is to create a version of the merge in a fork of the llvm-project so that anyone interested is able to lay their hands on this to see what things will look like after merging. This will contain the F18 history rewritten as a straightline branch, the merge commit to master and any other commits that we intend to submit at the same time.

Also, we are not proposing to add flang to LLVM_ALL_PROJECTS from the start as it will have different compiler requirements for C++17. We also have no buildbots and no windows support so we feel that adding it to ALL_PROJECTS from the start would potentially be disruptive to all. Instead we propose to add it in such a way that you have to opt in to build it. We have a patch up for review that does this here: Our intention is to commit this patch at the same time as merging and you’ll be able to see it in the dummy branch that we publish a few days before the merge.



Hi Richard,

Thanks for the updates! Let me know if there’s anything you need in the rest of llvm to help this process :slight_smile: