Using Compiler-RT with Clang on ARM

Hi Daniel,

I’m trying to use the feature you added to Clang a long time ago (2011), the --rtlib=compiler-rt and it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Now that I have compiler-rt building on ARM and the archive libraries under /lib, I’d like to replace -lgcc with -lclang_rt, but this command line:

$ clang --rtlib=compiler-rt -Wl,-lclang_rt foo.c

Gives me the warning/errors:

clang-3.5: warning: argument unused during compilation: ‘–rtlib=compiler-rt’

/usr/bin/ld: error: cannot find -lclang_rt

The library path for compiler-rt is missing and -lgcc is still there, while it shouldn’t.

Is there any simple way of doing that with Clang?


Hi Renato,

I don’t think the compiler-rt support on non-Darwin platforms was ever finished (by me) and hasn’t since been wired up or developed. You will probably need to add it, but I suspect it should be pretty straightforward.

  • Daniel

I feared you'd say that... :wink:

I'll have a look, thanks!