Utilize LoopNest Pass

Hey, I'm Gagandeep Bhatia, currently pursuing the 2nd year at Christ
University, Bangalore, India. You can reach me at
gagandeepbhatia2303@gmail.com or +919466935025.
I went through your upcoming projects on Google Summer of Code, your
the idea of Utilize LoopNest Pass is really impressive.
The best part about your project is searching can be saved for use
next time you visit LoopNet by clicking the Save button at the top
right of your search results page. This allows you to enter your
search criteria once and save it for future use, saving you time and
I truly want to become part of this project for better mutual
achievement, in the past, I have done a few projects, which will help
me to contribute my best to this project.
It will be really kind if you can share some more details about your
project, so I learn more about your project.
with regards.