What is status of libc++ on Linux?

Hi all,

Is libc++ supposed to be practiaclly usable on Linux? It compiles fine,
but has large amount of tests failing.

It is mostly useful. The failing tests are, if memory serves, limited
somewhat to libraries that aren't properly implemented (atomics),
places where glibc is non-conformant, places where initializer lists
haven't been implemented in C++0x, and a few others. The test system
(a bash script) presently has no concept of expected failures; talk to
Howard for more info.


I'm here, but don't have any more info than Sean (actually less). I don't have a linux box to test on.

The summary from my most recent test run on OS X (Lion) is:

Should I build with libstdc++ on Linux, or link it to libcxxrt?

I'm afraid I don't have a good answer for you. About 7 months ago there was work to port libc++ to Linux but I am unsure of the current status of that work. The work that was done was mostly in the <locale> header.


Linking against libstdc++ should work, but you'll need to comment some
code out of exception.cpp due to multiple definition errors (there's
not quite agreement as to what goes into the ABI and what doesn't;
libc++ puts some things into the std namespace that probably should be
a part of libc++abi).