will 3.8.1 ever really have release tarballs?


The llvm.org web site says the release would be in mid-june. There
was a message posted to the dev list that 3.8.1 was tagged. Then
there was another message that said essentially "don't make your own
tarballs - wait for release tarballs". I have two questions:

1. If the 3.8.1 tag does not represent what will be the tarball
contents, will the tag be moved when the tarballs are generated to
match what is in the tarballs?

2. Has the 3.8.1 release been cancelled?

I would like to have the benefits of the bug fixes that should be in
3.8.1, but I don't want to just use some unsupported random VCS
snapshot. However, maybe you have decided (but not announced) that
you are moving to some kind of model like pcc and tcc where no new
releases are ever made, and people are expected to pull from VCS and
keep re-pulling and testing themselves until they get a 'lucky' pull
that works well for them?

I don't ask these questions to irritate people, I really want to know
what the project expects 'outside' (not clang/llvm developers) to do
since the release didn't happen, the web site wasn't updated to
reflect that or give any new date, and there doesn't appear to be any
statement from the maintainers about the current situation (why is it
late? why is pulling from the tag bad? why does the tarball release
have to wait for distro binary versions to be released? etc.)

I love the great errror messages from clang/llvm and the somewhat
easier to read generated assembly from the -S option I get get with
clang (compared to gcc), I'm eager to get the benefits of an even
better clang/llvm version, but I'm sort of wondering if somehow the
site moved to github or something and looking at llvm.org is the wrong
place to go now. Are the tarballs somewhere else?

No, it's probably just delayed. AFAIK, all tests have been done and
all binaries uploaded, we just need to make the switch and update the

Tom, do you need any help?


I've been wondering about where to download these binaries I keep reading
about, so that we can test them in LDC (too late now, but nice to have for
future releases). Or perhaps they are not semi-publicly available?


When we finish the tests, we upload the binaries to a private FTP
server, which the release manager then copies them to the public page,
updates all the docs, links, etc.

I can see all the packages on the FTP server, but the page/docs
haven't been updated yet.