Win64 port patches pulished

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Hi folks,

It's long overdue, but I've finally gotten the OK to publish our Win64
port of the lldb sources. It's a native Win64 port of the lldb 3.1
branch which uses our IDE as the "driver". The code is used to build
"libbcceval64.dll", which is shipped with our C++ Win64 product
"C++Builder". The full git repo can be downloaded from You'll need an EDN (Embarcadero
Developer Network) account to access the sources, but anyone can create
an account. The sources need some work, but we're releasing them now
"as-is" due to lack of time. The plan is to merge the sources with the
3.3 and Windows branch, and are looking for help. If anyone is
interested, please contact me.

Hi Dawn,

This is awesome news. I haven’t taken the time to look at the code yet but thanks a lot for releasing it.